I will never remember the first time my parents took me to a gymnastics class, but I’ve been told for decades that I was meant to be in a gym. My parents could not keep me safe in the house despite their best efforts. I would fearlessly hurl myself through the air, off the furniture, and down the stairs at two years old. I had more energy than any parent could handle. After my first day in gymnastics, I pleaded to go back the next day, and the next, and the next. By three years old, I was in the gym every day, and I was hooked.

My family moved to Alabama, and I was the least talented athlete in the class. But, every day I showed up and never gave up. I still remember Ms. Nicki, my first “big girl” teacher, the stamps she gave me after class, and the gigantic smile glued to her face. I recall jumping on the huge trampoline for the first time, and the sensation of freedom that consumed me as I flew through the air.

I experienced a lot of successful moments in gymnastics (and more than my fair share of unsuccessful ones!), but most moments pale in comparison to the day I received my first crushed velvet leotard with the gym’s name monogrammed on the front. I was invited to join the team! I was ecstatic!

Or was I?

I had been watching the team girls practice out of the corner of my eye every hour of every day…for a year. I was not nearly as skilled as them and doubted I would ever be as talented as they were. I certainly would never fit in. Nerves, fear, and self-doubt took hold of my elementary school aged brain at this point. After months of training, it was finally time for my first meet. I fell off the beam FOUR times. Have you ever seen any gymnast fall off the beam that many times in one routine? Clearly, I was never going to be a gymnast.

Spoiler Alert!

I trained daily for another decade and never fell off the beam four times again. When my coach asked for ten routines, I did twelve. My coach unconditionally believed in me, and in turn I learned to compete and to believe in myself. I didn’t just fit in at the gym, I belonged. The gym was my second home, and it provided that energetic child the structure she needed to be successful. The same qualities gymnastics taught me as a young child have served me well over the years.

I never left gymnastics. I coached through my remaining days of school, and through every curve ball life has thrown my way. Through perseverance and unwavering passion, I was able to purchase Beaches Gymnastics at the young age of 25.

Owning a gym had become my ultimate goal in life, and now it is my honor and duty to pass these life lessons on to every athlete that walks through the door. I cannot
wait to meet your child in the coming days! Pick up the phone right now and call (904)241-5583 to grab one of our last remaining openings…and change their lives forever!