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What Team Gymnastics Can Offer YOUR Child

Our personalized, unique instruction and attention to each individual student is unmatched. Beaches Gymnastics will help your child develop a sense of body awareness and a range of motor and coordination skills. Our program is also beneficial to your child's holistic development through nurturing physical, emotional, and social health.

Our Competitive Teams

When your child joins our gymnastics competition team, you will see them build confidence, a strong work ethic, and self-discipline. Our philosophy is one of excellent basics, form, technique, conditioning, and flexibility. We teach a strong foundation because we believe it will lead to a safe, continual, and smooth transition from one skill to the next.

Our coaches will help determine which of the several levels of competitive gymnastics is right for your child.

In House

Showcase Team

Our In House program is an excellent option for our recreational gymnasts who want to add a little more to their gymnastics training. Beaches Gymnastics gives girls, ages 4 and up, the opportunity to experience gymnastics without being on the competition team.

In House will teach your child fundamental basics on all four women's events. There will be two performances held for friends and family within the gym during their season.


Competitive Travel Team

Our Xcel team serves a diverse group of athletes whether this is their first or fifth year competing! This program is an excellent option for the competitive gymnast looking for a team atmosphere and competitive experience without the strenuous time and financial commitment of the more rigorous JO program. The optional nature of the program also allows gymnasts to develop original routines that fit their own talents and personalities. Placement in the Xcel team program is by invitation based on coaches recommendation for athletes that have the required strength, flexibility, skill and work ethic. Xcel is for athletes who have been invited to competitive team, have successfully completed a season of In House, and love the sport of gymnastics. Skills and form become more advanced throughout the training season and traveling is required for competitions.

J.O. Compulsory

Competitive Travel Team

Our Compulsory Team is a vigorous route of competitive team, consisting of more training hours. Compulsory gymnastics means that all the athletes within a level will perform the same routines, unique to each event. These routines were chosen by USAG to develop a strong foundation in comprehensive gymnastics basics, strength and flexibility. At Beaches Gymnastics, J.O. gymnasts begin competing at Level 1.

J.O. Optional

Competitive Travel Team

Our Optional team is a vigorous route of competitive team consisting of more training hours and days in the gym. Optional team is for our advanced gymnasts who have successfully completed compulsory levels 1-5. The method of training becomes more specific and caters to the skills and strengths of the athlete.


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